Thursday, April 30, 2009

The All Play winners have been chosen!!

This will be the final post about our Earthly Riches Giveaway, the all play winners have been notified and all prizes are starting to go on their merry way to their new owners :) We'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our giveaway, it was a lot of fun to put together! We will continue with our normal giveaways but plan to hold another scavenger hunt type giveaway in the future! Thanks for all the enthusiasm!

The all play winners are listed below with the prizes they won in a random draw! I also included an item from that member's shop as we all need a little eye-candy :)

Heidi F- Aguavino - $25 gift certificate

Emily H- Knightime Creations - $20 gift certificate

Megan W-
Rock Your Style
- $20 gift certificate

Mindy C- Veganessa - Choice from shop up to $25

Congratulations to all of our winners, and again, thanks to all who entered for making our giveaway a great success!!

Earthly Riches Third Prize winner is announced!!

Caitlin P has won our third prize and has chosen TWO prizes from donating members! The shops she chose, along with a photo from that shop are featured below:

Aktie9 - 11 x 14 photo collage with photos of winner's choice

Carameldiezel - Beanie or pair of booties of winner's choice

Congratulations, Caitlin!!

Earthly Riches Second Prize winner is announced!!

Andrea V has won the Second Prize in our Earthly Riches Giveaway! She was able to choose from THREE of our donating shops, her prizes (and a photo of an item from that member's shop) are below:

Krista’s Kreations
- Custom made skirt and hair clip or headband to match

Laura Bucci - Linen Wallet of winner's choice

Natural Artist - $20 gift certificate

Congratulations, Andrea!! You've got some lovely prizes coming your way :)

The Hungry Vegetarian

Zucchini and Tomatoes (vegan)

A great, tasty side-dish, and really quick.

2 zucchinis
5 sun-dried tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil

Cut the zucchini into ½ inch thick rounds. Mince the sun-dried tomatoes. Combine and saute in olive oil until liquid dries up and zucchini browns slightly. Add a little water and cook until zucchini is tender.

If this sounds boring, top with a little parmesan cheese.

Recipe by FriendlyTaco of Chiyogami Creations.

We have a first prize winner!!

Our first prize winner, Anna N, responded VERY quickly with her selections - I think she may have had these ready to go? :) Congrats, Anna! Anna chose from FOUR of the participating shops, her prizes are listed below, along with a photo from the chosen shop:

- $20 gift certificate

Collar Me Gorgeous
- Collar of winner's choice

Juniper Journals
- Choice of Journal

Silent Lotus Creations
- $20 gift certificate

Congratulations, Anna!! I know you will enjoy all of these lovely prizes :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have a grand prize winner!!

We are VERY excited to announce that we have a winner for the Grand prize drawing in our Earthly Riches Giveaway! Dana T won prizes from her choice of SIX shops that donated to the giveaway. Here is the rundown of her prizes along with an item from the shop chosen:

Chicken Scratch - Soy massage candle, winner chooses the scent

Julie Webb Photography
- Photo block of winner's choice

Kelle’s Kitchen - 4 Soaps of winner's choice

Love Luca
- $20 gift certificate

Panda with Cookie
- $20 gift certificate

The Finicky Stitcher
- $20 gift certificate

Congrats, Dana! We couldn't be more excited for you!!

Final EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Tally!

Thank you all for making our giveaway a huge success! Here is our final tally of entries:

55 grand prize entries
4 first prize entries
1 second prize entry
1 third prize entry
12 all play entries

Remember that any non-winning grand prize entries will carry on through the lower drawings!

We will notify the grand prize winner today, please stay tuned to the blog as we will be updating as the winners are announced!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway has ended!

The Earthly Riches Giveaway has now officially ended! Thank you to all who participated, please stay tuned to the blog for further updates on winners!

We are sad to inform everyone of a change in prizes. Due to unforeseen circumstances, one EtsyVeg member will no longer be able to participate in our giveaway. The original rules have been modified accordingly. We now have a total of 19 prizes, the grand, first, second, and third prize drawings will remain exactly the same, we have adjusted the all play drawing to four winners. We apologize for this last minute change and hope you will understand. Thanks for playing!

Handcrafted Variety... Veggie Style!

Kindly shared from the blog of EtsyVeg member Erin, of Krug's Eco-Logic. Thanks, Erin!

I'm so honored to be a part of a very special Etsy team - EtsyVeggies (all members are vegan or vegetarian and their items are animal/cruelty-free). I recently asked everyone to convey their personal feelings about what makes their craft in particular better suited when bought handmade, versus at a 'big box' store. Here's what they had to say:

Lisa, from
Panda With Cookie, feels that her little monsters are truly one of a kind, and handcrafted with love. She explains that going to a big box store will only find you repeats of the same item, time and time again, with much less quality and care going into the products. She also feels that her products really reflect her personality. What warehouse, conveyor belt product can give you that?

A fellow soaper, Kelle of
Kelle's Kitchen and I (Erin, of Krug's Eco-Logic), both feel that our soaps and bath and body products are far superior to anything you'd find sitting on store shelves for months (or years) on end. Bath and Body products at 'big box' stores are formulated to sit for extended periods, thus, cannot possibly contain all the rich goodness you'll find in handcrafted soaps and lotions. In addition, we carefully hand select natural, vegan, earth-derived ingredients who's only mission is to soothe and pamper your delicate skin.

Ashley, of
NY Crochet, feels that, although there are items (crocheted hats, decorative items, dish cloths) in 'big box' stores similar to those you may find in her shop, she adores putting her own spin on them. She adds cute bunny or mouse ears to her adorable baby hats, which can even be custom made just for you or your loved one. She also adds that her carefully-crocheted items will far-outlast any factory, mass-produced product you'd find elsewhere. So although initially you're spending less at a big box store, you will end up replacing the damaged item the following season... and thus, emptying your wallet. Buying a handmade, quality item is much more cost-effective.

Celeste from
Cricket's Creations boasts that her scarves are not made with rough, course yarn like factory-produced scarves. She carefully chooses the types of yarn she uses, and takes care to ensure that they are not only absolutely gorgeous to accent your outfit and keep you warm... but also very comfortable. Her yarns are comfortable, crocheted with a sturdy technique to ensure durability over the long-haul - not just for one season.

Melissa from
Rock Your Style feels that, in her shop, handcrafted goods allow the customer the opportunity to BE the designer. She says that you don't have to know how to make the gorgeous adornments... just know what you want. She's open to handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces that you, the customer have designed! You can NOT get that at a "big box" store!

Adrienne of
Au Clair de la Lune feels that she can employ her techniques to utilize upcycled or recycled materials in her craft. She goes on to say that when you purchase handmade items, you also know that there are no child laborers, no one is being treated unfairly, and the artisan is happy creating your unique item. Crafters have the freedom to work at their leisure and choose the work load with which they are comfortable - allowing time for friends and family, and the real priorities in life.

Heather of
3 am Art Productions feels that having the ability to casually browse her photos in her online shop saves you the time and money spent having to drive to a gallery. Browsing at your leisure in your own home also relieves you of the pressure to buy that you might find in a gallery, according to Heather. Buying handmade also gives you the opportunity to trade goods. Can you possibly imagine walking up to a clerk at a 'big box' store and handing them one of your crafts in exchange for one of their products? Check out Heather's fabulous photos! What a great eye!

All of these fabulous EtsyVeggie artists have so much to offer in their online shops, and handcraft each piece with love and care ... just for you!

Thank you for buying handmade!!

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Tuesday Update!

Today is the last day to enter the Earthly Riches Giveaway! The contest will end in just about 12 hours!

If you don't feel that you have time to find all the hidden earth images, we've also got extra entries! For every $25 spent in participating stores you get FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing, you also get FIVE extra entries into the first prize drawing for every $10 spent in participating shops! You do not need to have found the earth images to earn these extra entries, you just need to forward your receipt of payment to!

Here are just a few examples of art for your home that you could purchase for extra entries!

Rogue Artichoke--Recycled 4x4 Photo Tile by Aguavino - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Foxy Loxy 8x10 Red Fox Portrait Photography Archival print by Aktie9 - FIVE entries into the first prize drawing.

Yellow and Green Vibrant Flower - Photo Block by JulieWebb - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Braided Branches - 8x10 Fine Art Photographic Print Cross Processed by NaturalArtist - TEN entries into the first prize drawing.

Sweet Pink- Original Chinese Brush Painting by Silentlotus - FIVE entries into grand prize drawing.

If you are just joining us, please click here for all the details on the giveaway including rules and prizes!!

Please stay tuned to the EtsyVeg blog as we will be announcing winners as they choose their prizes over the next week! And a big thank you to all of you who took the time to find all of the hidden earth images and join in our giveaway, thanks for making it a huge success!!

Doing Nothing

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look and do nothing"

~ Albert Einstein

Monday, April 27, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Monday Update!

The Earthly Riches Giveaway is nearing its end, with just a day and a half to get those entries in (contest ends April 28 at midnight EST)! We have been impressed by all the entries and soon our attention will turn to giving out our awesome prizes! It's not too late to enter for YOUR chance to win, get those entries in asap!

Donating member, Julie of Julie Webb Photography + Design created this awesome treasury of items from EtsyVeg members who donated to the giveaway!

If you are just joining us, please click this link for our official rules and prizes!

Panda Picks: Crafty Creations from Etsyveg Members

This weeks picks were found using the search terms 'EtsyVeg team' and 'eco friendly'. Let Earth Week extend year round!
Don't forget about the team's Earthly Riches Giveaway! You have until Tueday at midnight to enter!

My own paper and fabric crafts can be found at pandawithcookie.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Sunday Update!

We are all very impressed by the astute finding that's been going on for our Earthly Riches Giveaway!

There have been a few people who have taken advantage of our Extra entries, as well! Remember, you can get one extra entry into the all play contest for promoting the entry on your blog, twitter, and facebook! You can also earn FIVE extra entries for the grand prize per $25 spent in a participating shop, and FIVE extra entries for the first prize per $10 spent in a participating shop!

One lucky entrant bought this amazing Gingersnap Soy Massage Candle from donating member ChickScratch and got FIVE entries into our first prize drawing as well!

Here are some other items you could purchase for extra entries into our first prize drawing!

The Cameron Collar by CollarMeGorgeous - FIVE extra entries into First prize drawing!

Custom Women's Long Summer Sun Dress by Krista's Kreations - FIVE extra entries into First prize drawing!

Pouch - Butterfly and Stripes with Natural Linen by LauraBucci - TEN extra entries into First prize drawing!!

It's not too late to join in the fun! Please see our Earthly Riches Giveaway rules and prizes, the contest doesn't end until April 28!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Saturday Update!

The entries keep on pouring in - and now that it's the weekend we know you've got time to search for those 20 hidden earth images in our Earthly Riches Giveaway, right? Remember, the grand prize is only one of EIGHT prizes, and it's worth over $100!

As if you needed further convincing, EtsyVeg member and Earthly Riches Giveaway contributor Lisa of PandaWithCookie created these awesome Treasuries on Etsy with items from members contributing to our giveaway. Enjoy the Saturday eye candy, then get hunting for those hidden earth images!

If you are just joining us, please go here for full rules and list of prizes for our Earthly Riches Giveaway!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

EtsyVeg Earthly Riches Giveaway Update!

Thank you to all who have already entered our Earthly Riches Giveaway, we've had quite a few entries thus far, at last count we're up to about 15 entries for the grand prize!!

With the competition getting so stiff, you may be asking, "What can I do to increase my chances?!" Well, we have Extra entries! If you spend $25 in any shop participating in the giveaway we will grant you FIVE entries into the grand prize drawing, if you spend $10 that is FIVE entries into the first prize drawing! These entries will carry through the lower prizes just as the hide and seek entries do. And you can claim as many of these entries as you wish, we have no limit! All you need to do is forward your payment receipt to So, you get a FABULOUS item, and EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN!! How's that for Win-Win?

Here are just a few of the wonderful items that you could purchase for extra entries in the grand prize drawing:

Helicopter hat by CaramelDiezel (adorable baby NOT included!). Would earn FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

Beadmaille Mask Headdress - Clear by Knightime Creations. Would earn FIFTEEN extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

Plush Bunny Pirate in Brown Corduroy. Would earn FIVE extra entries into the grand prize drawing.

If you are just joining us, please see our original Earthly Riches Giveaway post for details on rules and prizes!

Are you having trouble finding any of the hidden images? If so, please email us at And Happy Hunting!!