Sunday, August 30, 2009

EtsyVeg "Kickoff to Fall" Promo Event!

EtsyVeg is hosting “Kick off to Fall,” a weeklong event, Monday, September 7th through Sunday, September 13th, with our veggie artisans celebrating Autumn's upcoming arrival with special sales and offers!

Members will offer a special of their choice throughout the week, which can remain the same or change daily. Examples are free shipping, a free gift, or a discount. Those who would like to may participate in our fall colors sale theme, where every day we will change the “color” of the items on sale/special: Monday's will apply to green items in member shops, then Tuesday yellow, Wednesday orange, Thursday red, and Friday brown. Over the weekend, we will offer specials on Summer-themed items for a last push of more seasonal listings in our shops... If you don’t have items of these colors, you may photo items with a colored background, change the names of your items to reflect that color or a fall symbol that color (for instance, pumpkins, leaves, cinnamon, etc.) or come up with something totally different. **Again, the color-themed specials are totally optional, and those who prefer not to participate are welcome to offer a special of their choosing.

We will be promoting Kickoff to Fall here on the team blog and via other team & individual members' social media pages this week. Next week during the event, we will be posting on our blog daily about the specials all the participants are offering that day. Shoppers will be encouraged to check participating shops' announcements each day to see their special offer, as well.

Sam of TheAwesomestPossum has created
sweet event graphics for us! Yay- thanks, Sam! Participants must use at least the avatar in their Etsy shops the week of the event. There’re also a blog graphic and banner that are optional, but encouraged. (You’ll want to use’em when you see’em- too cute!)

All EtsyVeg members are welcome to participate in this team-wide promotional event! To do so, please post your info in the
official Google forum thread. In addition, you must submit the following information to by the end of the day, Friday, September 4th:

*Your shop name(s) and link(s)

*What sales/special promotions you will be offering from day-to-day, whether they will
stay the same or change daily

*Whether or not you will be participating the entire week or part of the week, and if part, what dates

Please stay tuned to the
official Google thread or the blog for more details.

Volunteers are also needed to make "Kickoff to Fall" go smoothly. Check the same
forum thread for tasks that need to be managed.

Thanks, teamies! Please join us, and let’s make this a fun time while getting some visibility and (hopefully) sales!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview With Debbie of Dkany

Part of an ongoing interview series profiling EtsyVeg members.
Interview presentation by Kylie of SilentLotus

Meet Debbie of Etsy's Dkany

Etsy is a unique blend of artists with many different creative styles and approaches. What is your own "philosophy" or approach to creativity?

I started making jewelry with animal rights messages 2 years ago. I was sick of wearing message T- Shirts . I wanted something pretty, but felt guilty not sending the Vegan message out everyday. I started looking at craft sites for different ideas, bought books on how to make jewelry, and started from there. I made my first Vegan necklace and wore it to work. I am a registered nurse, and while I was caring for a patient she asked, "What does Vegan mean?" I was wondering how she knew I am Vegan, then remembered about my necklace. I then proceeded to educate her on Veganism. I realized that jewelry is a great way to spread the Vegan message all the time and to be fashionable doing it.

What do you sell in your Etsy shop?

I sell Vegan/Animal Rights jewelry and buttons.

What are your creative inspirations?

I want to be a voice for the voiceless.

How did you get started creating?

I love surfing around Etsy and seeing all the other great artists, as well as other crafty websites.

What other artistic tendencies do you have? Do you have other crafty/artsy skills that you already do or would like to try?

I just bought a sewing machine. I would love to make my own clothes one day.

Do you have any other hobbies/interests/passions?

I always dreamed of starting an animal sanctuary, and my dream has come true. I am the president of For the Animals Sanctuary, a not-for-profit organization. We have Herbie and Kevina, our bovines, eight goats, one chicken, six dogs, and nine cats. We have eight acres of land, and lots of love for our babies.

Herbie, our steer, is famous. He jumped off of a slaughter truck in December of 2006, and his escape was on CBS News (watch it on our
sanctuary website). I found out that Woodstock Farm Animal sanctuary (WFAS) was rescuing him and needed help finding him a home. We adopted Herbie, and then WFAS told me about Kevina. On December 16th, she was born on a dairy farm, who thought she was a boy- a male bovine's fate is either veal or death. They were drowning the baby boys that day, but lucky for Kevina, she was saved by a worker at the farm. We thought Kevina was a boy, too, so we named her Kevin (namesake of Kevin Kjonaas). The farm thought the umbilical cord was a penis- DUH- so Kevin became Kevina! :)

Herbie and Kevina will be celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary on May 31st. Yes, they got married, and they LOVE each other very much (
watch the videos).

How long have you been on Etsy, and are you an Etsy addict? :)

I have been on Etsy since 2007, and YES I am an addict. Whenever I need something I always check Etsy first. I love the craft supplies on Etsy... oh, its very addicting.

Is etsy a large part of your business? How else do you market your work?

Etsy is my only
online store. I also attend animal rights conferences to promote my sanctuary and sell jewelry. I sell tons of stuff at the conferences.

How long have you been vegan/vegetarian? How does being veg play into the rest of your life?

I have been Vegan for 6 years, and before that I was a Vegetarian for 20 years. Veganism is my life. When I was Vegetarian, I thought I was really saving animals, and then I read about the milk and egg industry. I realized I was supporting an industry that tortures and murders Animals. It was like a light switch that flipped on, and at that moment I went Vegan.

What is the last recipe you made? What are your food vices or cravings?

Last night I made my famous Vegan potpie with a side salad. The pot pie is made with crescent roll crust and filled with Morning Star Farm's crumbles mixed with brown gravy, mushrooms, Tofutti sour cream, and potatoes. Its super yummy.

I LOVE Veganaise and Campbell's mushroom gravy. I love to tweak recipes and make them Vegan. I love making fruit pies. Last week I made Rhubarb and strawberry pie that's so easy- you just need a frozen Vegan pie-crust, fruit, sugar, and instant tapioca. The recipe is on the back of the instant tapioca box. You will be amazed!

What is your favorite vegan/vegetarian store/restaurant/blog/website?

My favorite sites are
Cosmos Vegan Shoppe,, and of course my own sanctuary's website.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Veg on the Web: What's Worth Paying Attention To This Week?

For the ethical web surfer with crafty-veg tendencies, here are some great articles, awesome sites, and other juicy tidbits worth paying attention to!


Animals Don’t Want to Eat GMOs, So Why Are We?,

4 Million Pounds of Space Junk Polluting Earth’s Orbit,

In-vitro meat: Would lab-burgers be better for us and the planet?,

Monsanto's Global War on Farmers,

New Film on Ocean Acidification Reveals Unseen Face of CO2 Pollution,

Elephants Pass Self-Awareness Test Passed Only By Humans, Gorillas, and Dolphins,

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism,


Protest Ringling Brothers' Animal Cruelty! Sign
PETA's petition calling on the USDA to seize the abused, neglected, and heartbroken elephants Ringling hauls around the country in filthy boxcars and forces to perform under the constant threat of punishment. Watch PETA's undercover videos from if you need convincing.

Tell your Senators that the path out of world poverty isn't through Monsanto and GMO crops. Sign this CREDO petition to promote helping farmers in developing countries produce and distribute their own food, rather than implementing an Obama administration goal to use genetically modified seeds and chemicals as tools to fight hunger.

Cool Sites

Your Daily Vegan: the daily vegan spin- Your source for all things vegan: intriguing facts, thoughtful editorials, intelligent quips, food talk, news bits, and so much more, all in one place.

Green Lashes and Fashion- Love this blog by a fashionista with a compassionate conscience! Stay informed about ethical fashion, natural beauty, green living, and vegan/vegetarian food- way cool!

Environmental Graffiti- A veritable playground for the eco-conscious, planet loving, ethical, and off-the-wall. An "eclectic mix of the most bizarre, funny and interesting environmental news on the planet... on behalf of all environmentalists who don’t take themselves too seriously and compile it into a daily blog." What lured me in initially were breath-taking, brilliant photos of animal life, like these.

Other Stuff

T-shirts upcycled from plastic bottles?
Two companies, be present and A Lot To Say, launched tees made from recycled plastic last week! They are super cute on top of being super green! be present states on their site that 3-5 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills with every tee made, and A Lot to Say calls their 100%-recycled-bottle tees "eco-revolutionary." Maybe plastic is fashionable after all. ;)

I am in love with this bike!
Madsen's Cargo Bikes are dream cycles for those who rely on or choose biking for doing errands like grocery shopping and even moving! I swoon every time I see one... If only I could even think of affording it... ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

END OF SUMMER... Perfect for a party!

Here’s to the final days of summer! It’s been a good one, and while I am looking forward to the cooler days and crisp nights of autumn, I will miss the warm summer breezes and the bounty of my garden. Even now, the tomatoes are thinning out; instead of picking 8 or 10 a day, we feel blessed to get 3 or 4! Even so, I am making and canning all kinds of tomato goodies. Here’s one of our favorites… Gazpacho… a perfect light meal on a hot day… and a great thing to serve for a few friends on one of these last final evenings of summertime. Included here in this post are the recipe, a suggested menu, and some fabulous items from Etsyveg members to help you serve up the best light-meal dinner party for your favorite friends!


Finely chop and place in large bowl:
1 medium cucumber
1 small onion
1/3 cup fresh parlsey or cilantro leaves

Coarsely chop and place in same bowl:
2 1/2 pounds fresh tomatoes
1 medium green pepper or poblano pepper (I prefer poblano!)

1 14-oz can tomato sauce or 1 cup tomato juice
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
1 fresh jalapeno pepper, seeded and finely diced
2 teaspoons sea salt

Stir well. Refrigerate at least two hours before serving and serve in chilled bowls. Please remember that the heat or spice from jalapenos and poblanos increases with time, so the longer your gazpacho sits, the spicier it will be!

For Starters: Cheese and Crackers
For the Meal: Gazpacho, Spring Greens and Spinach Salad, and French or Italian Bread
For Dessert: Fresh Fruit… served with melted chocolate for dipping or Triple Chocolate Heaven Vegan Cupcakes (see below)
For Beverage: Red and/or White Wine… I suggest Bully Hill Wine (made in the Finger Lakes region of NY, has no sulfites!!)


Gorgeous cards to invite all your friends
by FireHorseTextiles

Fabulous eco-friendly apron
by TokenEmotion

Beautiful, colorful bowls
by KarinLorenc

Unique napkin rings
by VibrantMosaics

Vintage fabric coasters
by Auclairdelalune

Lovely wooden serving tray
by ShabbyNChic

Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes
by thecupcakemint

Pretty little vase for the table
by MandyBeeCreations

Butterfly candle holder
by leandogpottery

And how about adding a festive dragonfly garland
by pandawithcookie

Finally, top off your outfit with a fun and funky handmade brooch
by KunkleBaby

My own original oil paintings and handstrung beaded jewelry can be seen atKneeDeepOriginals.

True Happiness

Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.

~ Helen Keller

Monday, August 24, 2009

Panda Picks: Crafty Creations from Etsyveg Members

Hot hot hot! It is warm in Brooklyn these days, so I thought I'd show some hot EtsyVeg picks that have less than 84% humidity. Enjoy!
My own paper and fabric goods can be found at Panda With Cookie.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Little Dogs....................

Such a perfect day. I took my little dogs to the park. I remembered my camera (at last!). I kept meaning to take my camera, and gets some pics of them, so finally I did. It was not easy getting them all together, until they found something in the grass that was interesting enough for them all to come together to investigate. It couldn't have been that biscuits I put there, for this photo, could it? hehehe
This gathering didn't last long, just enough time to get this snap, couldn't even get them looking up. Don't know how photographers do it, I guess a lot of patience, practice and a few tricks :)
Anyway, we had a lovely walk, a little run and jump, and a jolly good bit of fresh air. I love summer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Member 'Pet of the Week' with Auclairdelalune

(companion of Adrienne of auclairdelalune)

Bobo (to the best of our estimates a black lab mix) started out as a Christmas gift puppy that someone couldn't keep. He was given to a neighbor who was a horse groomer at my husband's work, and was brought to the barn to be a farm dog. He would stay in the office all day with people and would go back to his stall at night. My husband's heart would break every afternoon looking at his sad eyes, so he finally brought him home. Like my kids say, he didn't want to be a working dog (even though there are very happy dogs living with the horses); he wanted to be a family dog, and now he's kind of the fourth child. He came already named, and we guess that he's about six years old (we count his birthday as "Christmas-time," around the time he was brought to the barn). He's lived with us since he was about 7 or 8 months old.

Bobo recently had his first-ever vacation, and had a fabulous time. We drove to Nashville to visit Uncle Georges and Aunt Bettie and their beautiful dog Satchel. Bobo and Satchel had a terrific time together (Bobo's first doggie sleepover!), and then the next stop was St. Louis to visit Mimi and her two cats. It took a week for Lily the cat to welcome Bobo (Elwood the cat never really got there), but Bobo (a lover of cats) was beautifully behaved the whole week in St. Louis. He
especially loved hiking and swimming in Castlewood State Park on the Meramec River. The next leg of Bobo's journey was to show his health certificate at the border and cross into Ontario to visit friends and their dog Mac. Bobo spent a blissful dog week in Huntsville, ON-- leash free, swimming in the lake whenever he wanted, and playing with the kids and Mac. His retriever instincts were definitely in form as he swam circles around the lake, bringing back stick after stick! Good thing he had recently lost about 20lbs (that's what happens when the eleven year-old who walks you takes up long distance running!) and is in top shape at a slim & trim 85 lbs. What could be better for a Florida dog than a chance to swim in freshwater with no alligators or amoebas to worry about? He was a real trooper for the long drive back to Florida and is now back at home getting ready to miss the kids once school starts.