Monday, June 28, 2010

I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. ~William Penn

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Proposition 2 moves to Ohio- Please Act Now!

This is an urgent appeal to Etsy Veggers who live in Ohio. Following upon the success of Proposition 2 in California, farm animal welfare organizations are gathering signatures in Ohio for a similar ballot initiative this fall. Passed in 2008, Proposition 2 will phase out the use of gestation crates, battery cages, and veal crates in the state of California. The deadline for collecting these signatures (which cannot be done on-line) is the end of June. The coalition is far behind its goal. If you live in Ohio or have friends or family who do, please get involved. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is also welcoming activists from neighboring states to come help during this final push to gather signatures. More information is available here:

In the United States, those states that have passed progressive legislation on behalf of farm animals are those which allow ballot initiatives. There are 24 states that allow these. To see if your state is one of them, look here:

Previous efforts to work with the California legislature were unsuccessful. Frequently, proposed laws are squelched by powerful agribusiness concerns in the committee stage and are never brought to the general legislative body's attention. Because there is a disparity between how polled Americans feel about cruelty to farm animals and existing laws, farm animal welfare groups took their concerns directly to the people. Proposition 2 received more "Yes" votes than any other ballot initiative in California's history!

Presently, farm animals in the United States receive no federal protections under the law while they are on the farm. Additionally, state laws designed to protect them are diluted when exemptions for "standard industry practices" are allowed to supercede them. Behaviors that have been criminalized against cats and dogs frequently constitute "standard industry practices".

In Europe, 27 nation states ban the use of barren battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates. The European animal welfare movement has focused on farm animals a lot longer than activist groups in the U.S. have. They've also prioritized political policy over cultural shifts.

Vegetarianism and veganism necessarily bring farm animals to the forefront of our consciousness. Over 99% of the animals killed annually in the U.S. are "food" animals. It's not enough to profess a love of "animals" if one excludes farm animals from their circle of compassion.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Choose Your Goal

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.

– Andrew Carnegie

Monday, June 21, 2010

S.O.S. Thrift: Shop for Our Oceans

In a recent post, fellow EtsyVeggie Heather of 3am Art Productions (aktie9) wrote about the wonderful and generous efforts of members of EtsyVeg, Vegan Etsy, and Etsy for Animals teams to help animals affected by the BP Oil Disaster. One inspiring project that has grown out of these compassionate efforts is S.O.S. Thrift, a weekend online thrift shop spearheaded by Pippi of Vegan Etsy's Uber Duper Creations. All of the shop's profits benefit Sea Shepherd's Gulf Rescue Campaign to save marine wildlife in the Gulf Of Mexico. To learn more about S.O.S., read on for Heather's S.O.S. press release.


S.O.S Definition..

1.The letters represented by the Morse Code signal · · · - - - · · ·, used as an international distress signal, especially by ships and aircraft. 2. A call or signal for help. 3. Now a call or signal to shop SOS thrift, an online marketplace to help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society clean up the Gulf Oil Spill and efforts to save animals and habitats affected by the oil crisis.

The ocean is crying out for help. I think the distress call is loud and clear. Every year it gets worse, we treat the oceans, the planet worse and worse. While this might be the understatement of the century, we can do something to help. Luckily, someone has heard that call and is doing something positive about it. In her spare time from raising two lovely little girls, Pippi has opened up a weekend thrift store online. Items are being listed (as they come in or as time allows ) and will continue to do so. You can donate a gently-used item or craft or you can shop! Wonderful quality items are there for your perusal, both from the handmade world and also some gently used items. You get two kinds of shopping in one convenient, online place.

Please head on over to check it out (follow S.O.S. on Twitter, too):

All monies collected, sans shipping is being donated to Sea Shepherd's Gulf Rescue Campaign. Sea Shepherd is working with the US Gov and others in the campaign to stop and rescue the Gulf area from the BP Oil Spill. They will be securing a third boat and training volunteers in Hazmat work. Cleaning animals they find and rescuing them from the oil spill effects. We are all hopeful they will save many, many lives and do great work. We are all here to lend them our support and stand behind them in pride.

Pippi's enthusiasm has already spread to several of her friends to help donate their time and expertise to getting the message out, and donating and also helping to facilitate the shop as well. One person sure can make a difference, it only takes some action.

Heather Henry
Artist and Photographer

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Principles and Values

I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth. I do not agree with the popular success literature that says that self-esteem is primarily a matter of mind set, of attitude - that you can psych yourself into peace of mind. Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values and in no other way.
~Stephen Covey

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our "May Flowers" Challenge Winner Is...

This just in: Jody of ShabbyNChic is the winner of our "May Flowers" Challenge! In last week's voter, she won the highest percentage of votes with her OOAK Cottage Style Spring Flowers Picture! Congratulations, Jody! :D Woot!

Natural Product Care

by Erin of Krugs Eco-Logic, crafter of natural, vegan soaps, lotions, and spa products made from scratch in small batches.

So you've recently ordered some natural skin care products - maybe it's not Eco-Logic ... that's ok, I won't hold it against you ;-) It is said that the very best products to put on your skin should contain ingredients you could possible put in your mouth (I'm not at all advocating you eat ANY natural skin care products). This means, ingredients such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oils are fabulous ingredients to cook with, AND to put on your skin.

BUT ... you do have to store your products carefully, just as you would your oils from the store - particularly during the hot summer months or if you live in a consistently hot climate. REAL natural products (not the ones labeled as such with mostly synthetic ingredients) need to be treated as you might treat your groceries. When you go to the grocery store and purchase a large order during the summer - most likely, you'll want to run home quickly and put them in the refrigerator or in your cooler home. Think about the olive oil you purchase in the baking isle at the store - it needs to be kept (ideally) in a dark, cool cabinet.

If your skin care products are genuinely natural, most likely they will contain oils you can find on your grocer's shelves - olive, grape seed, safflower, soybean coconut, etc. This means in order to keep them from becoming rancid (spoiling - otherwise known as the oxidation and degradation of vitamins within the oils) they need to be kept in a cool, and relatively dark environment. Most natural formulators will include oils containing loads of antioxidants such as natural Vitamin E, or Rosemary Oil Extract to help protect the natural oils from early oxidation. However, this is not a 'fool-proof' system. The user has to also take special care to ensure the quality and life span of their natural products.

For more tips on natural skin and beauty care, visit Erin's blog at

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're selling to help the Animals affected by the BP Oil Disaster

Thank you to Cari of
Loveluca for lending me this lovely photo.

Ever since the BP oil spill happened, I've been spinning my wheels. Wondering what to do to help, I have two kids and it's a full time job, so heading down there to actively participate in the cleanup process isn't going to happen, at least right now. I might get my chance of course, doesn't look like cleanup is going to happen overnight.

When Lisa of Pandawithcookie told the Etsyveg street team her plans. I jumped right up onto the bandwagon and helped myself to the reins. ;)

She posted her donation idea: "***20% of all sales go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary who are preparing to clean and care for animals affected by the horrible oil disaster happening in the Gulf Coast: seabirdsanctuary. ****"

I decided I'd do the same thing & asked around on the other street teams I'm on & the one I help facilitate, if others would like to help too. The response was immediate! People out there are concerned and looking to do something, anything to help out.

Heather from the Thebluewindmill is donating 30% of this item to

Jesse from GingerCardCo is donating 10% from her shop.

My shop is donating 20% of all sales till July 8th to Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Krugsecologic is donating 30% of sales till July 8th also to Suncoast.

Heather's shop Anthropomorphisis is doing 10% donation from her gemstone jewelery.

Pippi's shop is donating ALL proceeds to Sea Shepherd. She has also opened up an a Online Thrift Store that is donating proceeds as well to Sea Shepherd.

is also helping out. By donating 20% of our sales to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.

Athena said:
I will donate 30% of the sale of this frame to the relief effort.

Jade said: I'll happily donate 20% of sales from my shop, Mumbot.

Kimba of KimbasCritters said:

I would love to help out here! I will gladly donate 20% of any items sold till July 8th to the Sanctuary.

15% of all sales from SmileBernice through July 11th will go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Maggie from M's Knits and Things is also joining us till the 8th with 20% of her sales.

Yvonne from Karramandi, Collarmegorgeous, kakirra, and Juniperjournals has also stepped up to donate 20% from any of her shops to the Seacoast Sanctuary.

Lucy of luniquejewellery is also donating 20% of her sales, check her etsy shop for more information.

This shop here has also joined us. From June 3 through June 20, 20% of every sale in my Etsy shop will go to the National Audubon Society to aid in the Gulf oil spill cleanup.

This shop here also joined us, she is donating 10% of her sales to support the Gulf oil spill disaster cause with Defenders of Wildlife.

I will edit this page as time goes on & others join forces. Please check individual shop announcements for end dates on this sale. This shop on Etsy has been dedicated to selling items to help the Gulf Coast also.

Thanks for checking this out & helping! Heather :)

Some of the teams involved are: The Vegan Etsy Team. Check their blog here. The EFA team their blog is here and also the Etsyveg street team here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

~Carl Jung

Monday, June 7, 2010

Join Us for June's "Green Thumb" Creative Challenge!

You are cordially invited to play, get more involved with the team, get inspired, share your talent, take advantage of some free promotion... get ready for June's team creative challenge!

June's Challenge

This month's "Green Thumb" challenge is inspired by gardening! Hand-picked veggies, sweet fruits, intoxicating blossoms, and bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds abound for many of us this time of year! All EtsyVeg members are welcome to enter any one item that relates to gardening and all it represents- tools, sunshine, relaxation, harvest, wildlife, and anything inbetween. The challenge theme is very subjective, so enter whatever handmade creation, vintage item, or supply, new or already listed in your shop, fits the theme for you! The theme may be taken literally, but is wide open to any interpretation. ;)

Each month's challenge entries will be listed on the blog and put up for public vote, the winner receiving an ad for their shop on the team for the entire month following. :) Every 6 months, all 6 winners from the last series of challenges will be put up for a vote together, the top vote getter winning a grand prize! Yay!

Please join in our creative celebration for this month! Here's how to enter...


*Challenge Guidelines*

~Participation is open to any EtsyVeg team member.

~Each member may enter one item. Entry involves simply posting the link to an applicable item in your Etsy shop in June's monthly challenge forum thread and tagging that item with the tag "veggiesgrowbest" (all one word, without the quotations). You must also have your entry tagged with the official team tag, "etsyveg team."

~If an item entered in the challenge sells before the end of the month, please send a convo to the EtsyVeg Etsy shop, including the link to the sold item, so that it can still be included.

~Deadline for entry is June 30th.

~All entries will be featured in a treasury on the EtsyVeg blog at the beginning of next month, to be voted on by the public (EtsyVeg members can vote, too). The top vote-getter will be awarded with an ad for their Etsy shop on the top of the blog sidebar for the entire month until the next winner is chosen. At the end of six months, all winners from the past six months will be up for vote on the blog again, this time eligible to win a grand prize gift!
July is month number six!

~All EtsyVeg members (not just participants) are encouraged throughout the month to initiate forum threads about the challenge, make treasuries by doing a tag search for "etsyveg team" with "veggiesgrowbest" and putting only those items in the treasury, or to generate other types of promotion. (If you do any of these, please let everyone know so that we can all post or click to keep it going!)

~Please direct concerns or questions to silentlotus or aktie9, or send an email to


The EtsyVeg Monthly Challenge is meant to inspire, recognize, and promote team members and our shops; to spread the word about vegan/vegetarian lifestyles and living consciously; and to raise awareness about the ease of eco-friendly living and the rights of animals to live free of exploitation.

~*Happy creating!*~

Go Vote for your favorite entry from May's "May Flowers" Challenge now!

May's "May Flowers" Challenge Entries!

YAY for may flowers! May's "May Flowers" challenge entries are in! Between now and Sunday, June 13th, vote here for your favorite creation. The winning veg artisan will be featured in a prominent ad on the EtsyVeg blog for the next month. Yay!

A big congrats to last month's challenge winner, Indira of DharmaKarmaArts
, whose lovely "Eco Friendly Sari Scarf in Kanchipuram Silk in Kelly Green" won top honors!

See the poll below to vote!

Stay tuned until Monday, June 14th for the voting results! Good luck challenge participants, and thanks to everyone for voting!

Look for details on June's
monthly challenge on the blog. And please join in the creative fun! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Latest Treasuries Featuring... US!

This is the latest lot of fabulous treasuries our members have made to feature us on Etsy! Collections have been created by Heather of aktie9, Adrienne of auclairdelalune, Cari of loveluca, Gina of claynfiber, Megan of hippopotamejewelry, and Jennifer of PlutosGiftShop (sorry if I am missing anyone- let me know)! Thanks a bunch for promoting your fellow teamies, all! :D

Features some EtsyVeg members: