Join EtsyVeg

EtsyVeg welcomes both vegans and vegetarian artisans, who may vary widely in views, ethics, beliefs, and experiences. The team strives to be inclusive of all members, and seeks to promote a supportive community with an environment of respect, patience, thoughtfulness, and open-mindedness.

Membership Requirements

Members must be vegan or vegetarian (no meat, poultry, or fish) and follow a veg-friendly lifestyle.

Members must have an active Etsy shop(s).

Members must mention "EtsyVeg" in their shop profile or announcement after joining, including in second shops. Doing so expresses pride in the team, promotes the team to others, and makes the team/our shops and awareness of independent artisans, handmade and vintage goods, and vegetarian living more visible and viable- a big part of why we are EtsyVeg!

Members must join and maintain membership in the EtsyVeg Google Group, the hub of team activity and communications. Being ‘active’ in forum discussions and team projects is encouraged! All members are expected to support other members, keep up with current happenings, and respond to direct correspondence from the team.

Members must maintain consistent, high quality products and customer service in their shop(s).

Members must read and respond to (if requested) occasional membership updates sent out through email or convos. A current email account that is checked regularly must be provided.

Members are encouraged to tag shop items with the official team tag, “etsyveg team”. This is not only a way of making the team more visible, but also member shops so bloggers can find you to promote and so we can use your items in blog articles and other team promotions like treasuries! :) As well, shoppers will find you when searching for team listings, and Etsy Teams will find you when they do site promotions for all teams!

Promoting negativity, hostility, hatred, or a disruptive environment will not be tolerated.

Any member is welcome to contribute to the team- bring your ideas to the table or ask how you can help!

An Important Note on Membership:
An extremely important part of joining the team and maintaining the support network we have created is team members remaining aware of what the group is doing. It’s completely understandable that “real life” gets hectic and other commitments take priority. And it’s also likely that each member's level of involvement in the group will ebb and flow accordingly. Yet keeping apprised of team activities through the discussions, blog, and team emails is required!  Every member plays a critical role in who we are!

Membership Benefits
Being a member comes with great perks and benefits!

*Your shop and photos of your items (i.e., your Etsy mini) will be added to our Crafty Veggie Marketplace on the team blog when you first join.

*Your shop on Etsy will be hearted by EtsyVeg and veggie teammates.

*You can use our team tag- “etsyveg team”, in your listings. Please note that ‘etsyveg’ is one word, not two.

*A link to your shop will be put on the Etsy’s official EtsyVeg team roster on the Street Teams profile page.

*Your shop will be included in a welcome post on the blog.

*If you have a flickr account, you will be able to join the flickr group and post pictures of your items in the pool.

*If you have a blog, you can add it to our blog ring.

*Active members are eligible for being an Artisan of the Week, with your Etsy mini featured on the EtsyVeg blog sidebar.

*You'll be eligible to receive member discounts in some teammates’ shops.

*If you participate in the EtsyVeg monthly creative challenge on our message board, you will not only be featured in a treasury on the blog, but have a chance to win an ad on the blog for an entire month and possibly more prizes.

*You can submit articles, essays, photos, recipes, & more to be posted on our blog, which will be promoted by the team, be read by many regular readers, and expose you to the web. Please submit any of the following via convo to me here.

*We think the absolute best team perk of all is the friendship and community from warm and supportive veggie pals on the message board and otherwise!

Please contact Maggie of M's Knits and Things to join or with any concerns or questions.

We hope to meet you soon!