Veggies Donate

Here on the EtsyVeg Team, it's no secret that we love animals!  Many of our members make regular donations to animals sanctuaries or animal rescue organizations.  Here is a list of EtsyVeg team members who donate regularly (and the organizations they donate to!)

Check back often to see what great things EtsyVeg members are up to in the future!

Custom By Corvis - When you purchase certain items in their shop, they will make a donation to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

Veronica of Scrappy Rat - Veronica changes it up to support as many animals as possible!  This month, she is donating at least 10% to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation organization.  She also has two donation subsections in her shop: One featuring bat items for the Bat World Sanctuary and one featuring greyhound items benefiting Grey2K USA.

Maggie of MKnits - Maggie is another member who plans on mixing it up to benefit as many animals as she can. Now through the end of August, she is donating 5% to CATS Cradle Shelter and 5% to 4 Luv of Dogs - two shelters in the Fargo-Moorhead area that benefit cats and dogs and help them until they find their forever homes.  Also, Maggie has an EtsyVeg Cookbook available in her shop La Carta Papier.  100% of the profits from that item get donated to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

Heather of 3 AM Art Productions - Heather has an EtsyVeg Cookbook in her shop and 100% of the proceeds get donated to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. She also donates a portion of her proceeds of other items to the animal sanctuary Sunny Meadows in Holden, MA

Virag of Davir - Virag is currently donating 10% of the profits from her shop to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Group.

EtsyVeg Team Shop - The EtsyVeg team shop has an EtsyVeg Cookbook - and they donate 100% of the profits to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY.

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